The Way of Humanity

The Sufi Trail from Cordoba, Spain to Fez in Morocco is connected to the history and culture of Al Andalus. Recalling the times in the rich history during from the 7th to the 12th
century. With Cordoba as the spiritual capital of Arab and Jewish Culture. A significant flow of refugees has emerged after the end of this globally important time in history.

With this, large groups of the Muslim and Jewish population have traveled to Morocco. They were looking for a new life in humanity. Morocco and Fez were the new safe places to live for many.

Here is born the relationship between Cordoba and Fez. For more than 20 years, Fez has hosted the Festival de la Culture Soufi and Festival de Musiques Sacrees du Monde. The warm desire for a new spiritual renaissance was born during the lectures, studies, and musical performances. Now in the 21st century! Walking breathes a source of inspiration in every person. Step by step, the earth tells the story. When exhaling, we prepare for the next step. With that, we come and live in the heart. While walking, everyone is touched. The soufi is in our lives.

We have started initiating this Soufi Trail and have received authorization from the international Sufi Path Authority. The Soufi Trail Maroc from Cordoba to Fez is born.